Heather DeStefano
Barona Resort & Casino Barona Resort & Casino
Lakeside, California
"Heather DeStefano"
So my whole family, including myself loved Barona, and have been going there for years, including numerous birthdays, graduations etc. This price hike, from $25ish with the classic card to $45 and no discount for classic members, unless you earn 500 points in a DAY, is egregious, and downright insulting. First of all, the website says you get a point for every $0.50 you spend, so I’m assuming that means, you have to spend $250 bucks that day to qualify. Now, I understand if you win some and put it back then your spending less than $250, but how much really? Will you be able to play less than $20 to make up for the buffet difference? I can almost assuredly give you a no on that one. So what Barona is saying, in a clearly non subtle way, is that if you don’t spend (waste) exorbitant amounts of money at their casino, you are NOT valued or wanted at their buffet. If you don’t believe this, I implore you to check them out on Yelp, where you will find numerous responses from a representative of the casino to people regarding their dismay about the price hike. They clearly state that the price hike is because they want to make the experience better for their most loyal = high rolling players. That’s just disgraceful. Oh let’s just encourage people to gamble away their homes so that they can eat unlimited food at a discounted / reasonable price. This is one of the most shocking business moves that I have ever personally experienced. So blatantly rude. Plus I don’t see how they will make money off of this move, as they are still offering the buffet at the discounted price to the higher tier players. So those people will come, but I can’t see most of the classic card members paying $45 dollars apiece even for their children. Honestly it just shows a lack of integrity to treat people that way. People who love that buffet, and thought of it as a tradition, and a treat. I’m willing to bet that they will lose business because of this insulting change. People who maybe didn’t gamble away ten grand in 6 months (which is what you have to do to get their second tier Gold status card) but maybe came and spent a few hundred even a few thousand. See ya later Barona, I’m sad to see ya go, but it’s time to move on. I hope they really think about this move and realize how seldom greed works in the end.