Bo Smith
Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino
Cripple Creek, Colorado
"Bo Smith"
Visited Cripple Creek last week (Aug. 31st-Sept 1st), played all the casinos. Everyone was nice and friendly, until the last morning. The morning of the 1st we went in to play some slots before leaving and there was a woman sitting at a machine with a "hold the machine" paper on it, not playing for 20 minutes. Then she put $10 in and sit another 20 minutes not playing the machine and then got up and left yet again with the sign on machine. She was gone for a good 20 minutes. I asked the security guard that was present if we could remove the sign and play the machine. The security guard lied to my face and said the woman had been gone for 4 minutes. She was very rude and when I turned to walk away she popped off to my back that I would be arrested if I touched the machine or removed the card. Since we were leaving I just let it go. But the more I think about it, it really irritates me that the guard was so rude. I am not against holding a machine to go get money, visit restroom or eat, but I am against holding a machine when you are clearly not playing it and you know people are wanting to play because the machine is at its jackpot limit. This lady was sitting and playing on her phone the entire time instead of kindly getting up and letting someone else play. This is where issues can come in if you dont get a better handle of people holding machines, as well as teach your security guards to treat the patrons with a little more respect.