Evan Garibay
Baldini's Casino Baldini's Casino
Sparks, Nevada
"Evan Garibay"
We went with a group of people for breakfast. Everyone ordered different items and they all complained about at least one thing. For myself, I ordered a Belgian waffle with fruit and whip cream. I must say this was the most underwhelming waffle I've had in a while. It was very soggy and pretty bland. The fruit was just canned syrupy strawberries that tasted old, acidic, and overall not pleasant. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of whip cream they added on. Others were complaining about their eggs, pancakes, fruit, etc so I know I wasn't the only one not liking my order. Service was good because they checked up on us frequently, but food wise I wouldn't choose this place. Prices are normal and not too bad, but you can definitely get better quality and more affordable options elsewhere. I would say I expected much better being that it is inside a casino.