Ron pet
Century Casino Calgary Century Casino Calgary
Calgary, Alberta
"Ron pet"
I am not impressed when you now have to show your vip card to be able to eat at Century Casino and for specials even though maybe you don't want to collect points or even be tracked I like to keep my personal information confidential seeing Century has security issues with keeping there information secret. I believe they sell your info to third parties. I have received questionable mail that would connect Century Casino I had a vip card Idestroyed mine. I don't like being tracked . (BUSTED ) In any event I ended up going to CASH CASINO to have a inexpensive dinner with many options to order for dinner. Coffee and pop free as per Century Casino charges for there beverages Century loss a couple more customers way to go Century Casino pat yourself a on your back Century Casino is Very dated. Century Casino with urine smell in areas of casino not very clean very cheap up dates of renos not many betting tables or newer slots. Cash Casino it is more modern up to date lighting and newer carpets and much more expensive for renos just looking you can clearly see the difference clean without funny smells Cash Casino is a lot more busy with more vibe happening and newer slots and more betting tables where at Century Casino very depressing place. I gambled at Cash Casino after I ate my great fish n chips.cant beat the price great Chinese food too. I had lots of fun where Century Casino that wont of happened. food or service at Century Casino not that great maybe due to new staff all the time inexperience comes to mind. OVERALL 1.5 OF 5 FOR CENTURY CASINO AND CASH CASINO 4.5 OF 5 star Cash Casino has a regular cusomer instead of divided into 2 places. I understand Century management or staff don't care or are in denial regards to this or any review which is fine just wanted to share this with the public. If any one has not checked out Cash Casino it's worth it to check it out. Century I won't waste my time or money. Changed to my real name to edit post previously was my alais my example how I like to protect my privacy when I choose to, not a Casino. that I supect that sells your information please remember the way Century Casino looked before it was sold of course you had to do the cheap low end renos look at the way it looked had no choice still looks dated for that reason I call a spade a spade for my honest reviews. Some people may not like it but it's from the heart. Remember customers or previous ones notice things or see things ,than the staff or management do because they are at Casino more frequently and not noticing things that are obvious to customers or previous ones sorry for long review had to have I love Alex reply to understand my review