Kevin Han
Maple Ridge Community Gaming Centre Maple Ridge Community Gaming Centre
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
"Kevin Han"
Called them 5 times, never picked up. Worst Customer Service EVER! And when they picked up, this chick picks up and I asked if there was a specific item on sale in which she rudely replies, "WELL did you check the website?", and I said "No that's why I'm effing calling you." "And she says, "Well MAYBE you should check that first then." and to which I reply "Excuse me, may I have your name?" and then she hangs up on me. ??? Greg, the manager was, however, very good at nullifying the situation. He went above and beyond to make the situation better, so I appreciate his efforts. However, the 1 star still goes to the chick who doesn't know how to properly talk to someone on the phone. Also, Eugene had exceptional customer service (not by Best Buy standards but in general), so I would like him to receive some recognition for his excellence. If you had more people like him, I would gladly pay the extra distributor fee that these retail stores deal with rather than just buying the same item on Amazon for 10-20% cheaper.