Village Pub & Poker - Cannery Village Pub & Poker - Cannery
Las Vegas, Nevada
I first heard of village pub threw my co-worker. He would go here all the time on and told me good things about this place. I have been here 4 times to be exact. Well on 9-1-17, I decided to order carry out. I called and spoke to John, and ordered (well done Steak) & Shrimp with Garlic mashed potatoes! Price was great $13.49 tax 1.11 paying total of 14.60. When I picked up food I decided to have a cold Modelo $4.00 and tipped of course. Always tip your bartender!!! I was very satisfied with the garlic mash and the shrimp, OMG the fried shrimp is so tasty and delicious. NOW I WAS SAD ABOUT MY STEAK, I DID ORDER WELL DONE BUT COMMON I DIDNT ORDER TO OVERCOOK THE STEAK TO WHERE I CANT ENJOY IT. I called in 9-2-17 11am and spoke to Susan, I originally asked for manager and she said she was current manager. Well I expressed that I was calling in to give feedback on my order from last night. I told her my good and bad feedback, with my overcooked steak and how everything else was good. She then proceed to ask me for my name and told me to hold on. She said she had to speak to the "manager' like wait wasn't she the current manager. Anyhow she came back on phone and asked me for my number and name. She said she or her manager would call me back about this. Have not heard back yet and if I do Ill keep google posted. The 3 stars is for the great service and great shrimp.