Luke Ratz
Owl Club and Steak House
Eureka, Nevada
"Luke Ratz"
All in all, I would give this two stars for two main reasons: 1. The service was good and our waiter was excellent, very helpful and social. The only thing is the the hostess was fairly rude. We asked if there was any space on the patio of the second floor, and she looked annoyed as we were just walking in. She told us that there wasn't any space on the patio and it was full (it wasn't). She never suggested that there was an option to wait, and it just started the experience off badly. If this was an Olive Garden, I would understand, but that wasn't the case. 2. The food was overpriced for what you get. We got the veal and the sirloin, and the taste was mediocre. We have had better at the keg, or elsewhere. For the exorbitant price they were charging, we honestly expected better. Overall it was alright , but when you consider the price that they charge and the total experience—it really wasn't.

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