Danita H
San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino
Highland, California
"Danita H"
Great two-story casino. Lots of slots and table games. Can get really crowded at times probably because it's one of the closest around so many cities and easy to get to. It has a Rock and Brews with live cover bands and great food. There is also a small lounge that also features live bands and a bar. Lots of salsa music with lessons on Tuesdays. Parking can get challenging at times but after a few rounds of looking around the 4 story parking structure you can usually find a place. I think there is also a remote parking. The buffet is pretty good and they have all-you-can eat lobster on Thursdays for $35--tail or whole. Be sure to pick up a reservation card at the buffet desk that can allow you to go to the front of the enormously long line if you don't mind eating around 9 pm (they may have earlier ones, but I came in at about 7). These cards are limited number and are first come first serve. Overall, it's a great casino.

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