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Aug 29 '17 at 1:16

John N

John N
Good buffet. Worse place to gamble if you're trying to make some money. Used to pay out better with previous owners. Now everyone loses more often and more money. Only nice thing is the smoke free environment to gamble as long as you're playing small amounts. Do not play big amounts or you'll lose. At least on non slots. I don't play slots much but the couple of times I did seamed to do better with the max bets. But still not anything worth while. But on anything else play small for fun entertainment and not try making money. I've spent 100 k this year there and won nothing. Especially on my favorite game roulette. You'll have better luck if you make big bets at coconut creek as I did for years until I discovered the Isles. As long as you don't mind the smoke which can be irritating if you're a non smoker like myself. But creek does have some great restaurants.