Mike Boyer
Casino Royale
Sacramento, California
"Mike Boyer"
I can't speak for the hotel itself because I didn't stay there. I'm reviewing just because of the awful customer service in the casino. I was interested in getting their "rewards" card but I've never gotten one because I'd never been to Vegas before. So I simply asked the lady at the rewards counter "what's the Club Royale card?" and she tipped her head a little and just stared at me like I was an idiot. After about 5 seconds, she said "our rewards card..." in a snotty voice. Then I had to ask again for her to explain it and she seemed annoyed. So I didn't sign up for it and I left. Also just a side note, when I walked in, the guy at the front trying to get people to sign up to win a car said "you want to enter to win this car?" I replied (which is more than what most people will do) and said "maybe I will later" so he smacked his lips, rolled his eyes, and walked around us.