Trevor Vicars
Casino New Brunswick
Moncton, New Brunswick
"Trevor Vicars"
Buffet was very poor. The title of the buffet was surf and turf. So people go for crab and prime rib. The "Medium" prime rib was well done and dry. The "well done" looked like beef jerky. The server said "There is nothing else". In the past, the server would at least check in the warmers or ask in the kitchen. Or they would try to find something less dried out. This server flatly refused. A gentleman behind me asked for a third piece. They were small about 4 oz each. The same server just said "only two". This was only an hour after they opened. Normally, I would just not go back and not paste a review but Google survey asked me to review the experience. On the upside the crab was good and the dessert wad great.