Michelle J Roberts
Wyong Race Club Wyong Race Club
Wyong, New South Wales
"Michelle J Roberts"
This race club needs a committee that appreciates members and has the ability to resolve problems i.e.some person suing them for slipping over in spilt liquid. How they resolved this, is beyond comprehension! Bar anyone from drinking out front of members bar! Rubber perforated matting to prevent slips ( by useless person's, who should have had the ability to see reason and also watch where they are walking, not knowing the extent of their damages, I can only say medical expenses being paid to the injured person should have been sufficient, not suing, which is greed, simply greed!) _ back to the suggestion rubber perforated matting to prevent the slips! Why subject members to another 'can not do that anymore scenario?' witnessed a security person harassed by a trainer, they have rules re harrassment, what I witnessed was harrassment, the security person was doing their job, one rule for all, but not for some!? Disgraceful!! Toilet facilities, disgraceful! Smoking area, can't even see the race run, disgraceful! Trainer slapping horse for kicking the back of the stall, disgraceful! There's such a thing as shackles perhaps, to prevent the horse from being able to kick, more humane than striking it down the face and neck, wish I'd thought soon enough to photo this, sure the owners would be interested in knowing how this so called upstanding trainer treats his horses! All in all a disgraceful, disappointing visit to Wyong race meeting.