Ida Nuñez Larios
Golden Nugget- Lake Charles Golden Nugget- Lake Charles
Lake Charles, Louisiana
"Ida Nuñez Larios"
I made a reservation to spend a night there with my husband using their website. I received an email saying it was cancelled, I made the reservation again... received another email that says it was CANCELLED, yep, again. I called their customer service line, Andrew answers the phone and immediately informs me that he is JUST Starting his shift and that he is NOT responsible for what the hotel does. WOW, just WOW. I then proceed to tell him that I made the reservation twice, charges were in my card (once) but I had now THREE emails saying that my reservation was cancelled. To what he responds (to my surprise) that THE HOTEL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WEBSITE... I was in shock. I tell him, then who is? I mean, I made the reservation through the HOTEL WEBSITE, how come the Hotel is not responsible for its own website... he says, well ma'am the IT department is!... at this point I just laughed. Like OMG what kind of costumer service is this, who does the Golden Nugget has answering their phones? anyway, he finally checks the reservation and says it is all good "as far as he can tell" and offers no apologies for the inconvenience nor any explanation on WHY was I receiving cancellation emails. This is NOT a review on the hotel but on their POOR POOR POOR customer service line. OMG the worse. I will be staying tonight and post another review on my stay. BUT DANG ANDREW... it seems like when you got the Call to work at costumer service you should have let go to voicemail. That is definitely not your calling. Golden Nugget Hotel, if you really read this.. Seriously. WOW.