Lauren Seat
Isle of Capri Casino Hotel - Lake Charles Isle of Capri Casino Hotel - Lake Charles
Westlake, Louisiana
"Lauren Seat"
Had a coupon for a free room. They booked our room for us at the inn. We were in town for a funeral, so we brought our stuff in, showered and left. We got back and were getting ready for bed and pulling the sheets back to find filth. Dirty and ripped sheets, stained pillow cases, yellow pillows, and what looked like "dirt" in the mattress seams. We packed up out stuff, told the front desk we were checking out and how filthy the room was. The front desk clerk call the supervisor and offered to give us a new room. We declined and left. Overall, the front desk clerk was very nice and understanding, but the room was filthy. We will not be returning at all.

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