Elizabeth Barber
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"Elizabeth Barber"
I had stayed at the Mirage many times and LOVED the Buffet, we didn't stay there this year, but still wanted to come enjoy the dinner buffet. I don't recommend it to anyone... Buyer beware.... the food wasn't good at all! I had brought friends with me that had never been to a Vegas Buffet and they were less than impressed as well.. the selection of foods was terrible, variety very limited... Upon speaking to the manger, he offer to us that he was well aware that the Buffet was less than desirable, said he had been brought in to work on it... So, knowing this he never offered any kind of discount or refund, just a concur that he know the Buffet was poor at best and asked us to come back another time after he had some time to "fix it" ... yeah not gonna happen... VERY DISAPPOINTING