E Waddell
Towong Racecourse
Towong, Victoria
"E Waddell"
Upon arrival, we had to find staff to come to the desk to get tickets to use the lifts. We asked where do we go, response - go over there. And do you have any maps? Nope, when you go over there, just take a photo of the one that's on the board. Oh ok, great. So unhelpful. We were advised all lifts would be operational, only 2 were till 1230pm then 1 more opened. We also asked a lift operator if there was a bar to get a drink with lunch, response - yep, in the canteen head up stairs, bar is up there. Excellent. We go to the canteen, stairs are closed off... Staff advised that the bar has been closed for the past month on Monday through Thursday. As we went around the park we saw 2 different instructors being rude to the people getting lessons. One was yelling a a child for falling over as he was holding up the rest of the group and is not to fall over anymore!!! None of the staff appeared interested in being there. We are fortunate enough to work in a ski hire shop, and will not be recommending this park to people. For the price paid and the experience offered, it is worth paying the extra to head to one of the other resorts. I suppose 'you get what you pay for', but this experience was much less.