Thomas Luxmore
Skagit Valley Casino Resort Skagit Valley Casino Resort
Bow, Washington
"Thomas Luxmore"
The Skagit is on most cases a very nice Casino hotel, good food, nice rooms, lots games. My one HUGE complaint is the unfriendlyness of some employees. This is my experience, my wife (who lives for slots) was playing with $400.00 in her machine, I usually play $10.00 or $20.00 when my cash ran out I went to the hotel lobby to read on my Kindle which I have done for years at other casinos. After a couple minutes a security guard walked up and (not kindly) ordered me to leave I told him about my wife and said if I could read in comfort we would have to take her $400.00 to another casino, he said he didn't care that it was policy I ask him if he would please ask someone with higher authority if I could read, he said NO! And to get out now! So I got my wife, drove 20 minutes down the road and gave that casino her $400.00. this is just one instance but there are others.