Nunie Baby
Lucky Club Hotel & Casino Lucky Club Hotel & Casino
North Las Vegas, Nevada
"Nunie Baby"
I come to Lucy's all the time and I always order the same thing. I've never had any problems before. I came on 9/3/17 and ordered a steak & lobster to go (which is now $13.99) with an extra lobster tail. I asked for my steak to be medium along with a loaded baked potato (bacon, cheese, sour cream etc). I got home and my steak was WELL done and the potato had nothing on it but sour cream. There's many things that I'm upset with when it comes to this situation. The first is I drove 30 mins to get to this location for my food. I paid almost $25 for the whole thing. I called in immediately and spoke to someone regarding the issue and they told me just to come back with my receipt and I'd be taken care of. I drove another 30 minutes the next day back to Lucky Club and waited a little over 30 minutes to speak with a manager. I spoke with Nick who only opted to fix the steak & potato instead of remaking everything I paid for. His response was "well the only thing that was messed up was the steak and the potato, so I can't give you a whole other plate for free. Being the fact that I drove 30 minutes, paid extra for my food to, then got home and it was wrong "free" shouldn't even have been an issue. That's not how you run a restaurant when a customer is done wrong. Not to mention the 30+ minutes I was waiting for speak with a manager 5 other customers orders were wrong including an elderly man that had to walk all the way back from his car because he asked for something extra and didn't get it. It shouldn't make a difference whether or not I brought the food back because it would've been thrown away anyway. Had I been told that when I called in that I needed to bring the whole plate I would have.