Candra Stark
Ocean Odyssey
"Candra Stark"
I went here to look around to get an idea on some species I might like for a new 55gal. community tank I'll be starting soon. While browsing the tanks of various fish species that line the walls of half the store, I came across this very sad-looking Regal Blue Tang. This poor fish is in horrendous shape. As a fish enthusiast, I could only look on in horror and sadness at the severe face rot (And I mean SEVERE. The mouth looked almost rotted away, and the entire head of the fish was this splotchy, grey color). And the almost entirely algae-coated tank was in awful shape, as well.. Trying to sell this poor thing for $130, they should be ashamed of themselves. This Blue Tang looked in worse enough condition to be humanely euthanized. Take care of your animals. Do not buy rare wild-caught species to sell in your store. The care you take of your fish is embarrassing.