My Printable Party Custom Party Invitations
Ocean Odyssey
"My Printable Party Custom Party Invitations"
1 star is way too many, but there are no other options! Beware of this place if searching for a pet.. no info for papers are given, everything is such a secret, sounds like this place buys from puppy mills! Very shady if you ask me! I grew up with beagles my entire life and believe me when I tell you that The "miniature" beagles are NOT miniature ... there is no such thing! They breed them with a smaller dog with the same color traits.. our so called beagle we are thinking he is part Jack Russel! A DNA test will prove just what he dog is and once I have proof, we will be taking further action! He must have been pulled from his mother way too early, very anxious, very nervous and scared.. poor little guy! Nor does he have the bark of a beagle, nor the howl. Beagle barking is very distinctive, so please please please BEWARE! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, NOR YOUR MONEY!