Matthew Eaglefeather
Santa Fe Casino Santa Fe Casino
Santa Fe
"Matthew Eaglefeather"
The staff were courteous and friendly. The building and grounds appeared to be clean and well kept. The Native American Art was beautiful. This place covered a lot of square footage. Everything was so far to walk to. On Mon, Tues and Wed, many of the cafe/restaurants (and buffet) are closed. The buffet restaurant, the dance hall, some other cafe/restaurants were closed and maybe other stuff. I ate some Mexican food at one restaurant and they did not have any tortillas. Only sandwich bread and crackers. I was not happy, neither was my wife with her soup served in a black metal tub. If you want the complete experience, check in on Thurs through Sunday. I could never get the air con set just right. It was either too cold or too warm in the room. Additionally, I did not see or hear of one winner on the casino floor and I visited there for three nights. There may have been some but I didn't see any. Biggest disappointment - cigarette smoke smell in most places. The whole experience was ok, but not for me in the future..