Rose Hinson
Wind Creek Wetumpka Wind Creek Wetumpka
Wetumpka, Alabama
"Rose Hinson"
I like going with my sister although it's the only Casino I've ever been in that I've never won anything so basically I go just to give them my monies and play a little while but for is winning it never happens they taking all the machines away and raise the prices on most of the new machines so fun has went down it used to be fun to play there now it's just walk in drop your money and walk out the non-paying casino I actually won five green sevens on a machine I sat there and said there 45 minutes later I had the little lady next to me call my machine while I go look for someone I found someone in a booth like area looking at Rose of the people playing the casino games and watched him tight in non-paying casino and then he said you're not supposed to be in here well I said I need assistance I hit 5 green 7 switch paid $4,500 he got up from his seat he locked the door and walked over toward my machine where he took it upon himself to push the button with my money and move the wheel off the five sevens then said oh we can't go back he should have walked up to the machine and opened it so that I could get paid my first win ever I have not been back since because it's a non-paying casino they shut different Al's down at different times and when I hit my I'll actually was just being cut off everybody was surrounded by my machine because I had one the five sevens and was happy for me until the guy came over and push the button and Roll to Me Away from the five seven so since he's done that I have not returned and I think it's pretty cheesy it's not fair gaming I think when you go in and you put your money in it's a chance you win or lose but if you have them manipulating the machines like that then it's no more fun they took the fun out of it for me so they can keep that casino in Wetumpka Alabama I don't go to any of them anymore now that I literally seen them type in non-paying casino and stop a whole row from paying