David Wingerter
4 Bears Casino & Lodge 4 Bears Casino & Lodge
New Town, North Dakota
"David Wingerter"
Regarding the Bison Room in 4 Bears... Do not eat here!!! This is why. We made a reservation thinking that we would need one since it was Saturday during dinner time, in a well known casino, and they say upscale/fine dining. We show up and there is one table sat in the entire place and nobody coming/going, or even waiting, and no reservations on the sheet, other than us. That is a bad sign. When seeing what the menu prices were at, and higher than any fine dining place. Example $79 for a filet and lobster tail, $30+ for a salad. I asked the waitress where the meat is from, thinking it was Kobe, or at least Wagyu. She didn't know and got the Manager. After waiting 15 mins for him (in a dead place) with one other table of 3, and one sat well after us. He finally showed up. I asked the same question. Where is the meat from (lobster/steaks). He said the lobster was from "Maryland" and the steak is "Angus". He then said "you can't get "Angus" anywhere". Bad sign #2- it's an American breed sold at any grocery store across the country. Mind you it's North Dakota. You pass Angus cows on any road. Something was obviously fishy at this time. Being hungry, we decided to go to the buffet right next store. They shared the same kitchen. $22 bucks and they had "Angus" steaks. The kicker was, as we were getting food. We saw the same people from The Bison, behind the buffet line pulling food from the buffet. They were pulling food and putting it on a plate that was exactly what was on the Bison menu. Do not go here!!! I know food and own a restraunt. They are using the same buffet food, and serving it as a "fine dining" place. It was observed. Why would a person from the other place scoop only food that is on the menu at the other place. Fraudulent practices!!! We then got charged $25 for a sirloin skewer and $25 for 1 glass of house wine. I have the receipt.