Chi Tang
Admiral Automat Club Central Hotel Admiral Automat Club Central Hotel
"Chi Tang"
Nice location and big hotel space. However packed with a lot of people the buffet restaurant is rammed packed with people. There are relaxing areas for having cocktails and beers, nice snack bar which serves freshly cooked food. However the ingredient is not the fresh as you can expect from hotel serving 2000+ guest at same time. Definitely go early to your included meals to avoid disappointment. The spa is so so, because they offered nice deal to couples but only the sales know English and the remaining staff don't speak. So it was hard to communicate and get the best out of them. However their traditional Turkish Haman bath is cool and it's free for use. Room decor is little outdated and in need of renewal. Room service was good and provides new drinks everyday in your mini bar (if you gone for all inclusive) General service is good, people was nice. However they don't speak much English and some looked they rather be elsewhere.