Sherry Jones
Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg
Wittenberg, Wisconsin
"Sherry Jones"
Love this casino. There is a lot packed into this dynamic gaming venue. -- the first thing you notice is the security. Whether it's outside on the parking lot, or greeting you at the door, or maintaining a visual presence on the floor...They are there, ready and willing to assist you. --There are the Reward's club representatives that also take care of you...(They don't just pass out cards ??). --then there are the slots people. They make our time thoroughly enjoyable, and are the reason I enjoy coming to Wittenberg Hochunk. They cheer us on, they watch out for us...They pay us money when we win. And believe me, there are plenty of wins in this little slice of heaven... -- they work wonders with their cafe restaurant, producing a tasty menu that everyone can find something they like. ...There is the cashiers, the slot maintenance, the cleaners, all doing their part... Every single employee is a great promotion for the casino. They are genuinely nice, helpful, and do their jobs well in providing great customer service.