Graton Resort & Casino Graton Resort & Casino
Rohnert Park, California
"Security is overboard."
This casino is seriously overboard with their security. We drove 2000+ miles and stopped here on our way home. We had grabbed some food and were trying to eat when the bicycle security cop came circling pur vehicle multiple times. We had only been in the parking garage about 10-15mins. He circled the car 3-4 times. I rolled my window down to ask if their was a problem and another security officer came up on the other side of the vehicle and started shining their flashlight into our vehicle windows. I again asked if there was a problem and why they were shinning their lights in our vehicle. I asked if they could stop until they wanted to tell us what the issue was. The one with the flashlight proceeded to laugh and mock me, then told me she wouldnt stop. The other young man told me that they could never be too safe and implied that we may be in our car doing drugs. They then accused us of having some kind of pipe which in actuality was a spork that we were eating with. They then asked for ID cause they "wanted to know who they were conversing with". After all this they talked to whomim assuming was their supervisor who refused to talk to myself or my husband, and then returned to the vehicle informing us that we had been banned for life. It was thr most ridiculous, unprofessional experience ive ever encountered. The inside of the casino is beautiful from what i rememeber from our previous visit but i refuse to ever go back and will not spend any money here.