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Sep 25 '17 at 2:42

Josh Brekke

Josh Brekke
I'm a frequent player at Diamond Jo's who experienced unacceptable customer service by one of the pit officials named "Slim" today. As one who believes in principle and ethics, I noticed a player wrongfully taking chips after the dealer mistakenly paid the chips. I helped the dealer correct the mistake which then pissed off the player because he clearly had no intention of telling the dealer about the mistake. I was just being honest & ethical like all players should be. I was then asked to leave the casino stating that I was causing a problem. "Slim"e never asked me what happen which clearly lacked any intention of understanding the situation before making an informed judgement. This experience severely damages Diamond Jo's reputation as a casino that treats their players right. If your a casino that enjoys dishonest players, then I would recommend continuing your degenerative customer service! I will certainly inform others about this experience as I believe Diamond Jo's has questionable employees working there. If you would like to speak to me in person, I wear a black Polo and a black hat with long blonde hair, typically playing at the craps tables on the weekends. - Josh