Jaylin DeMond
Castleton Racetrack
Burrell Boom
"Jaylin DeMond"
This was my first time ever going to Devil's Bowl Speedway this past summer about 3 months ago. I went with my cousins who had been there before but I hadn't and my cousin told me that if I liked bigger tracks then I would like this track because it was one of the biggest local short tracks around. We went on a Saturday night asphalt race and they were doing a big pro stock race which was one of the reasons why my cousin was really interested in going because there were a few people in the pro stock race that he knew personally that was racing that night. Overall it was a great race and it is a great track. The food was great, the track was great and the racing ans entertainment was great. At the time they were doing asphalt racing on Saturdays amd on the infield where they had a short dirt track they would do dirt racing on Sundays. Right now, right after this season ended they have decided to tear down the asphalt track and convert it to dirt and go to full time dirt which will make them the biggest local dirt track in the area.