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Creek Casino Wetumpka Creek Casino Wetumpka
Wetumpka, Alabama
"A Google User"
This trip was by far the worst time I've been here. They're changing a lot of the games to glitzy machines that I have yet to hit a good amount on, over $500. We spend a lot of money, okay maybe some elite BLACK card members may not think it's a lot, but to us it's all we have leftover after paying for life. This time the tank was smudgy looking. The menus and bonuses have been downgraded so much so that at Grill to go I feel like a cow being led down the chute. I can't even go there anymore. Then I discovered at the restaurant that food credits, which used to be in $5 increments is now in $15 increments. So if your total is $9.05 the $15 bucks you have are gone. No trip to get a danish for you anymore. In fairness though you can add, at the register, for $3 a WARM 20 oz. drink to carry around with you. I'm sorry it's all moot anyways because now for September I read in our magazines that free play, which doesn't cost them anything, is going up for me but food credits are going down AGAIN. I'm just a puny gold card holder but I'm still insulted that most of the contests now are set up for the platinum and black card holders to win. I seriously doubt that however many tickets I earned that day one of mine will be pulled from the drum. They must think that everyone is so stupid they can't figure out that some BIG money spender will be the top points earner most days for this month's contest. Maybe one day all the plat.&black cards will be sick and stay home to give me a chance. NAH I can't win because I won't be there. I'll leave it to the old old lady with a black card getting 2 bags of free drinks. She's wearing slippers and hasn't brushed her hair but I'm sure she thinks she looks good in her sweat pants and stained t shirt. No way I'm heading down that road. VEGAS BABY !!!