Andy Saari
Royal River Casino & Hotel Royal River Casino & Hotel
Flandreau, South Dakota
"Andy Saari"
We stopped here because it seemed like a good place to stay on our way home from Deadwood. We went to check in, after having already made reservations. The guy at the desk said there was a couple of options which were the option we had already reserved, or a stay and play package, which included gaming credits and meal credits for $30. We chose the stay and play package, then were told we had to go to the gift shop to purchase it. We had our luggage with us, and got stopped by security, and were told we had to leave it. Then, we were directed to guest services, where their players club was. My wife chose to stay with our bags, while I went to purchase the package. They told me I had to go back to the gift shop to buy the room package. But, they did sign me up for their players club. Back to the gift shop I went. I passed the security guy who gave me a thumbs up and asked me if I got everything handled. I told him they sent me back to the gift shop where I was originally going, and where my wife was waiting with our stuff. Finally I got the stay and play purchased, and went back to the hotel desk. They put us in room 208. We then proceeded down to the casino to have a drink and gamble. We waited at the bar for quite some time, while we watched the bartender serve many other customers. Finally, we figured out that there was a certain spot you had to go to get a drink. We figured that wasn't to big of a deal, since it was our first time here and didn't know the etiquette. We gambled for a while, then went to use the $30 meal portion of our stay and play package. The food was ok. The bill came to something like $31.50. We left a $7.00 tip on the table, which we thought was quite generous. When we went to pay, I had placed a $5 bill with the meal vouchers. The waitress, who was also the one checking us out, said that the $30 covered it. I asked a couple of times if she was sure, because the math didn't work. I ended up taking the $5 bill with me. I don't know if she thought that was her tip, or if I misunderstood. We then went back to our room. Neither one of our key cards would work. We had been warned by the front desk earlier not to keep them by our cell phones, or anything magetic, or they wouldn't work. So, we went to the front desk, and told them our keys didn't work. Right away they knew who we were. They had given the room to someone else after we had already checked in. They cancelled our key cards, and removed our belongings from the room. We met the other people in the hallway that were given the same room. They were very nice, and kind of freaked out about the mix up, as were we. The whole experience was not pleasant. We won't be going back, and would not recommend the place to anyone. .