Ali Abuhamdeh
JACK Cleveland Casino JACK Cleveland Casino
Cleveland, Ohio
"Ali Abuhamdeh"
i am almost a regular, until today i have experienced the worst service ever, a security guard today asked me how old i was and when i told him he called me a "pathological liar" and just so i understood him correctly i asked him did you just call me a pathological liar ? he then nodes his head and said yes. I was also in there earlier today and used the same state issue ID i always use however the same security guard told me i cant let you in because my ID wasn't working in there system when i used it earlier that day,he called a supervisor down to try and same thing happened when i asked can you take my id and try another system she didn't even bother trying and tell me we cant let you in. Im extremely disappointed and this casino will never see my face nor any of my family and friends .