Mike Delaney
The Meadows Racetrack and Casino The Meadows Racetrack and Casino
Washington, Pennsylvania
"Mike Delaney"
Great staff, friendly people, old games. I don’t come here very often, maybe once every six months. My wife likes to go. I tend to pay attention to things around me I noticed little details. The fact that most of the staff were always smiling and being helpful to other people even when no one seem to be looking. How security was more than just a bunch of people standing around, they seem to take an active interest and telling people how to get around and offering assistance. I even noticed the security guard in helping to jumpstart a vehicle in the parking garage. They have free drinks via the waitresses, and also an area that you can get free soda pop and coffee along the wall. The building is not that old, but I do feel that they specifically cater to an older clientele. I can’t speak much for the table games, but the slot machines seemed to be very old. The technology was newer, but all seem to be the same game we’re just a little wrapper on it. The newer more entertaining games were very sparse. People would line up to play these new games while older games that were not interactive sat on used. Free parking, free drinks, and a good staff are very helpful. But I’m not very inclined to spend my money there.