Linda Felix
Coushatta Casino Resort Coushatta Casino Resort
Kinder, Louisiana
"Linda Felix"
It had so many slots and tables to play at! good variety. 2 reasons why I didn't give it 5 stars: 1) almost ALL the casino tables were dirty or super worn from years of use. you'd think they make enough money to update the tables. blugh! 2) we had super terrible waitress once (but so far just once) she yelled at my cousin to step back but she came up to him! (yes you read that right, SHE WALKED UP TO HIM AND YELLED AT HIM TO STEP BACK). she was so horrible that management had to come over and try to make it up to the table for her bad attitude and super lack of service. but we've always had fun there other than that. we lost some and won some. that's gambling.