Allen Williams
Wind Creek Wetumpka Wind Creek Wetumpka
Wetumpka, Alabama
"Allen Williams"
Called to reserve a room in advance and was told that there weren't any available. Drove down about 3:30 Saturday morning and didn't have a room. Called the hotel about 7 A.M. and was told yes the did have one available and they had no idea why we were told that they didn't. Got a room for Saturday but couldn't check in until around 12, room still wasn't ready then, but they made sure that we got in a room by 12:30. Staff was very friendly, and they even let us get in the pool about 9:30-9:45 Saturday morning while we waited for the room to be ready. Definitely want to compliment Cody H. who works by the pool for his hospitality, and great personal skills. Super nice kid, he definitely made our stay that much better. That kid is going places.... Great attitude towards work and life.