Paul Orosco
Portland Meadows Portland Meadows
Portland, Oregon
"Paul Orosco"
So I feel there's been a decline in visiting horse tracks in general. With that being said Portland Meadows is the acception to the trend. I really enjoy going to Portland Meadows not for horses but poker. The action is great on the tables in the poker room. They spread mostly 1-2 Hold 'Em but also Big O for the advanced card playing degens. The personalities on the tables are what I feel only Portland can provide, very unique. As far as skill level I feel it's what you'd find in a typical poker room. You have a level of play that would be, in my opinion, a 7 out of 10 on a typical day to a 0 out of 10 skill level. The action is very good. There are the grinders who just look for pocket aces but they are few and far between. I wouldn't give advice on how to play here but I would say come play. The room is zero rake but a daily door fee needs to be paid before you can play. The door fee is nominal compared to what I've found in a casino poker room as far as rake. Obviously skill and patience win the day and is an investment.