Scott C
Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino Hotel Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino Hotel
Elizabeth, Indiana
"Scott C"
I have been to the Horseshoe countless times. I have been for gambling and also for two concerts, as well. I will say, the entire place is very clean. That, and the fact that it is the closest casino to where I live, are the only two positives I can think of. I have never once had an actual COLD beer anywhere there. My next complaint is your very rude security staff. After attending both concerts there, and seeing how they grab, rush, and repeatedly tell people to leave exactly as concerts ended, was just ridiculous. My father also had an instence with a security worker as well. While sitting on the couch (has knee, back, neck problems) a security officer came and yelled at him to get up! Told him he couldn’t sleep....which he was not doing anyways. Wouldn’t leave him alone until he got up off the couch. Unacceptable! Casinos should be a place for fun and entertainment, not a place that feels like a prison. Lastly, the group I usually would go with to gamble, are all reward card members. One particular night, they got in line for a giveaway. When they got up there, they were told....sorry, this is the ASIAN ONLY giveaway.....what?! I don’t recall ever seeing a Caucasian only, Latin only, or African American only give away!! Discriminate much??? Unbelievable! I’m not one to usually complain, but feel it needed to be said. It’s very unlikely I will ever be back.