Kelly Bergeron
Feather Warrior Casino - Canton
Canton, Oklahoma
"Kelly Bergeron"
Polar High Rolar machine straight across from bar on West wall. Betting 18 credits at 5 cents each, machine spun 5 times and stopped on 2 POLAR HIGH ROLAR SYMBOLS, made a baoooga (horn noise) and all reels started spinning very slowly. Employee told me it had been acting up all day. I did not get my 49x or any money from the five spins while machine was spinning red. They claimed the machine malfunctioned and then put a "machine out of order" sign on it. They should have done that to begin with instead of CHEATING me out of money. We promptly left to go to another casino, we will NEVER RETURN THERE AGAIN. BEWARE, PEOPLE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. NEGATIVE STARS!!!