Travis Richards
Lucky Derby Casino Lucky Derby Casino
Citrus Heights, California
"Travis Richards"
Have stayed there a couple times over the last few years and didn't write a review although we really felt the rooms were getting pretty dated and definitely not as clean as you would expect from a higher end hotel. The service was also below average again for a hotel that you pay a lot for. Now I am motivated to go ahead and write a review as somehow a couple weeks back someone used my credit card number to reserve a room and it wasn't me. I immediately cancelled my credit card but the bank told me the charge was pending and would likely drop off once the card was cancelled. Just to be sure I called the Venetian and alerted them and they said the same thing which made sense. Now a couple weeks later the charge has went through, which is beyond me how that happened since the card was cancelled immediately well before the person trying to stay there did and I had clearly let the proper people at the hotel know about it. They even knew who I was by my phone number as like I said I have stayed there before. To have a charge go through on a cancelled card when I was told it was just a hold that they already knew was fraudulent is a joke. I am sure whoever stayed in that room did not have ID saying there were me either as all they had was my credit card. The bottom line is we travel a lot and hit Vegas many times a year but won't be staying at the Venetian again and we will tell all our friends and family about this situation where the Venetian let someone charge a room on my credit card with no ID. I also have to add on another note that this summer when we were there the main pool was so cloudy and nasty looking that we got a few steps into it and turned around. The smaller shallow pool was better but you couldn't have paid me to swim in that larger pool nor my wife. Something was obviously up with there filtration system.