Jen F
Lady Luck Casino Lady Luck Casino
Vicksburg, Mississippi
"Jen F"
RUN!!! So we got to the Lady Luck hotel and first thing I noticed was it did not look like what the pictures portrayed AT ALL. It looks like any ratty highway side motel with a casino next/ attached to it. Then I noticed the pool was closed. I asked if we could cancel our room cause that is the only reason I booked it. We have a 15 month old and after traveling all day I wanted to let her wear herself out in the pool. IT WAS THE ONLY REASON I BOOKED IT! Because the pictures made it look magical... nope, under construction.. no refund.. she said the web site states it's under construction, NOPE, double checked. Next we walked into our room and it REEKED of dog urine.. went back to the front desk and she came down and made a face of disgust when she came in to smell it. She gave us keys to another room and walked in before me with a bottle of spray, obviously to spray it before we even walked in. When she approaches the room I heard her say "front desk" and that's cause the TV was on. We were in this room only a couple of minutes before noticing BOTH beds had glitter on them, one had pubes all over it and the other had blood on it and I can tell you for certain it had not been washed since that blood was put there. So they brought us new bedding then told me they had no comforters to replace that one with and I asked "and if there's glitter and hair on the comforter, then what?" Because they place a sheet on top of the comforter so I guess to them it was okay. Then the (I'm assuming) maid was changing the sheets and told the front desk lady to go find her a king size comforter cause HELLO it was everywhere. So so gross. I can't say for sure that they rented a room out for an hour (and I did ask) but I can guess that someone had a way early check out and they perhaps glanced in there to notice the beds were still made(ish) Also, I'd like to add that we have a dog, it says on their website they accept pets for a $20 charge. When we got here it was $23 after tax, $50 deposit (I'm not sure why since they don't clean up after the pets obviously) and I got the room at a "special rate" of $114 after tax it came out to $140 (no idea why there's that much tax) + $23 pet fee + $50 deposit. When I got here and was double checking to see if the website stated the pool was under construction I noticed the room rates are $70 cheaper, I'm assuming cause they didn't sell out for the night but even still I wouldn't pay that rate. I do plan on complaining to a manager and getting an itemized receipt tomorrow and see what they'll do for me so I'll update then. Also, I will be taking this as high up as I possible can because this place honestly just needs to be shut down. The morning after when I was checking out of this horrible place the lady at front desk noticed the charges looked weird, she called the manager over and they talked amongst themselves. I asked what it was they saw and they refused to answer me. Like I said RUN!!