Cheryl CeCee Chevalier - Goins
San Manuel Casino San Manuel Casino
Highland, California
"Cheryl CeCee Chevalier - Goins"
I enjoyed myself I have not been to this casino in over 15 years. If not longer. The guy that initially helped me when I first walked through the door to get a casino card was too awesome he just hook me up with everything go try this Godfrey plays go try this got a free meal plus I was there on a Thursday so it was all you can eat seafood now I have to be honest with you it's been cooked in mass batches so there's really no seasoning on your lobster tails it's like they just dip it in butter and I said but what I did was I got you a spicy butter the regular butter put in a nice size cup and I added my salt pepper and I had to add a little to a dropper 2 of Tabasco sauce to it just to give it some kind of that I use that for my crab legs for my crawfish and my lobster tail. When we went back for seconds on the lobster the second batch was over cook so it was really truly I didn't care for that honestly I prefer the cold crab legs over everything they have there that particular day I play Believe It or Not the nickel slot machines which I didn't care for I put in $20 on 150 I played the pennies I put in $10 I think I just broke even and after that we left we went just for the buffet