Charles Bates
The Casino Club at The Greenbrier The Casino Club at The Greenbrier
White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
"Charles Bates"
Too many stuck up rich people here. A guy came in restaurant with his dog and let the dog sit on the seat and slober his mouth over the table. The service wasn't that great, given they didn't take the health concerns from the dog seriously. Hopefully the WV department of health took off the smirk on their faces. Service fee of 6.5 percent is a huge ripoff and should be illegal given its called a fund. A fund is voluntary. A tax is involuntary. Just call it a tax of you're forcing us to pay another 6.5 percent for items and service. This place got an extra star because the grounds are nice and it's also nice to experience a little bit of history despite being surrounded by snobs.