Joseph Allen
Owl Club and Steak House
Eureka, Nevada
"Joseph Allen"
GO TO THE KEG!!! So I see they tried to delete my bad review, lol if they put in as much effort into the food or the restaurant as they do trying to hide the bad reviews. Let me reiterate, DO NOT EAT HERE!!! It is just a cash grab, astronomically over priced food for average food and them trying to be "fancy" sides are not included so you have to pay another full price of a meal for your sides. We booked a table for four, one order of the 48 dollar steak was unseasoned had NO TASTE! They forgot to season it. They other order of 40 dollar Salmon was over cooked and cooked dry and was the thinnest saddest piece of salmon I have seen. When tried to notify management of the badly prepared food for the price, we were ignored and told to shut up and pay. Company's like these pry on false reviews and ratings and taking hard earned money out of your pocket for beyond reasonable pricing to fatten their belly's and pockets. After a 600 dollar bad meal we still had to go eat somewhere else do to the small portions. Save you money and go TO THE KEG!!!!!!