Patrick D. Baker
Carnival Cruise Line - Splendor Carnival Cruise Line - Splendor
Long Beach, California
"Patrick D. Baker"
I’ve been on Carnival before and I’ve booked another vacation for this November 2017. Unfortunately for Carnival it will be my last. They nickel & dime you to death for every little thing & come up short in most departments. Once you’re on the ship you’re basically at their mercy. If you have a complaint it falls on deaf ears. If you call to add anything like I did, they charge you for everything. I transferred a drink package to another cabin & got charged $16. I’ll be booking another cruise on another cruise line for my next cruise. Carnival has lost my business. But I’m sure some other person will take my place. I’ll make sure that my travel agent knows to book me somewhere else that’s a bit more wallet friendly.