JJ fryzel
San Pablo Lytton Casino San Pablo Lytton Casino
San Pablo, California
"JJ fryzel"
I win here everytime. This casino is awesome. Won 2 $1600 mini jackpots within 50 minutes of each other on 2 different machines. And 6 smaller jackpots ranging $300-600 that same night. And i Only came with $160! If its not u winning, You will surely see/hear someone nearby winning a jackpot - if ur paying attention. One thing u GOTTA do: learn how to do the bingo daubing thing THE RIGHT WAY because it's different for each type of game and can be the difference b/t winning or loosing sometimes. It takes patience and paying attention or asking staff if u wanna do it right. Good luck and if u win u should take the money n RUN.