Brent Madden
Wind Creek Montgomery Wind Creek Montgomery
Montgomery, Alabama
"Brent Madden"
I've been to this casino a few times, and it is very nice, and fun the first time you visit, but is most certainly rigged to take your money.. Hit a $10k+ jackpot, and did not receive anything due to a "machine malfunction"(it was out of paper) do not like the customer service. Prime example, read some of these reviews, they only responses anybody gets is about the establishment's appearance and unrelated gambling concern comments. But every other experience is ignored. I've spent thousands here, and I do not expect to win all the time, after all it is gambling, but something, anything would be nice. I got my hopes up and changed my opinion the moment I hit the jackpot, but machine malfunction??? Get real.. Could care less if this establishments karma bites them..