Thao Nguyen
Luxor Hotel and Casino Luxor Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Thao Nguyen"
I would stay here again, room was decent and there's a food court with my favorite fried chicken place ever;Original Chicken Tenders. My only complaint is that there needs to be a fridge provided because we like to stock on water bottles since everybody knows that you can get sick from drinking Vegas' tap water. The layout of Luxor is really cool, it's a pyramid with a light shooting out from the top. The elevators goes diagonally since it's a pyramid shape layout. I literally just stay here to sleep and eat, didn't get a chance to explore much within the hotels to gamble or shop because we were just more interested in being at pool parties & clubs, so this made a great resting point for all our activities. There's valet parking provided, I'm satisfied.