Nikki N
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"Nikki N"
If I could give this a Zero I would. Upon Arriving at Tropicana we had booked a King Sized Room in the Havana Tower. One of the newer sections of the Hotel. We arrived to find out there were no such rooms available, and were told no rooms were available in the Havana Tower at all. Instead we were given a King sized suite in the South Tower. Do NOT I mean DO NOT step foot in the South Tower. It is a moldy, old, decrepit mess. I believe it has not been updated since 1980's and reeks of stale beer and marijuana. We stepped one foot into the room and I immediately called the front desk. They magically were able to come up with an available room in the Havana Tower. - But it was not King sized. Whatever we will take it. I requested a later check out with no charge due to the inconveniences, in which the front desk told me they could not do and once I got in the room I should call management for my request. Upon entering that room, I put my belongings down and called management .....after grabbing the phone I looked up at the bed to the left of me and saw BODILY FLUIDS across the headboard. Speaking to the Manager Karen. She simply stated there was nothing she could do for us. And she would TRY and get house keeping up to our room to clean it. BODILY FLUIDS ... They would "TRY" and get someone up to clean it. Welcome to Tropicana Atlantic City! Absolutely worse hotel experience of my life. We left, checked out, and are driving home. Never again my friends.