Tera Shardaze
Jack Casino-Hotel Greektown
Detroit, MI
"Tera Shardaze"
Worst experience I have ever had at a hotel. I have been looking forward to this trip for at least a month now. My boyfriend invited me on the trip. When we arrived I waited in the lobby as he checked us in. We ate some food and went back to the room to get dressed for the evening to meet some of our friends. I went to light my very last cigarette and I asked my boyfriend if I was allowed to smoke he said they didn't even offer him a non smoking room nor I didn't see not 1 sign in the room anywhere that stated other wise. My boyfriend don't smoke at all. My boyfriend went to his car and as I was doing my hair I lit a damn cigarette. Well next thing I know security was banging on the door so loud you would have thought I had a damn bomb. Security asked for my boyfriend who wasn't there so she asked for my ID I asked her what this was about she said the smoking sensor went off and at this time we were being EVICTED. I have never in my entire life all my years of traveling have I ever been asked to leave over a cigarette. Not only wasn't I given any warnings at all but there was never once a sign posted in my room. This is beyond ridiculous and such a minor infraction. I'm completely disappointed in this horrible experience. Had I known I would have went outside to my vehicle not a big deal at all but to get evicted is absolutely humiliating. I left the room in the exact same condition it was found not a sheet had a wrinkle in it. The room smelled great, I respected this business completely and to get treated like I'm a young wild kid causing chaos. This entire situation was uncalled for and could have been avoided with a simple sign in the room. Not only were we evicted but my boyfriend got charged a total of $350 for my mistake whom like I said don't smoke. How in the hell can he ever be held accountable on my behalf? I think this is a way for the hotel and casino to make money this is a complete scam. We are also from Ohio so we had to pack our things and head back late that night. This was a by far the worst experience I have ever had in all my time of traveling. I also opened the fridge and Picked up a bottle of liquor put it back and was charged just for moving it I didn't even open it. This was a complete ripoff and waste of time.