Dave thompson
Lake Elsinore Hotel & Casino Lake Elsinore Hotel & Casino
Lake Elsinore, California
"Dave thompson"
travel for business and stay in hotels often, but by far this was the worst hotel I have ever seen. We booked two nights and had 6 family members arriving to stay at the same hotel the following day for a birthday party nearby. We arrived late at night the room was poorly lit and didn’t see all the issues till the next morning. I was notified of a $75.00 cleaning or damage deposit after I arrived, I called front deck to notify hotel of damaged items of the ones I could see in the dimly lit room. Personnel at front deck ask me to list the items so we would not be charge. We had to call for security @ 02:00 because of people yelling and fighting outside door. Here is a list of items: 1. Poor lighting. 2. Room smelled, none smoking room with cigarettes burns in curtains. 3. Broken headboard, dints and scratches on mini refrigerator. 4. Water stains on table by coffee maker. 5. Dust on headboard, lamp, night stand, room clearly not cleaned in months. 6. Cracks in wall. 7. Spiders, Cobwebs with lots bugs stuck in them. Not just one cobweb but many with dust on cobwebs. 8. Mosquitos that bite me came in through the crack in the bottom of doorway. 9. Front door was filthy with dirt and finger prints. 10. Bathroom door was unsanitary with black stuff sprayed on it. 11. Mold in shower. 12. Dead bugs inside celling light with dead bugs stuck around light in more cobwebs. 13. Mouthwash bottle unsealed semi drank with hair around it. 14. Mirror was wipe down in one area the rest left dirty. 15. Bathroom facet not attached to sink hanging lose not bolted to sink at all. 16. Coffee pot had not been cleaned dust and dirt inside with a broken lid. 17. Floor filthy 18. Carpet filthy. 19. Door jams with dirt and dust coming off them. 20. Torn and dented lamp shade. 21. Photos of all items listed with live spider and mosquitoes. I have taken 39 photos of this room if you choose to address this health issue. We notified all my relative to cancel their stay at this hotel. We cancelled our additional stay, request none payment for the first night and reported our safety concerns to front deck were by there was no manager to speak to, my message was supposedly forward to management and we would have a reply within the hr. That call reply never came, I called hotel back 2.5 hrs. later to speak to manager which was unavailable, the receptionist informed me they forgot to call me and I would not be charge for the room. To this day we have not heard an apology from anyone for our inconvenience or concern for our wellbeing.