Lonewolf Entertainment and Photo Booth
Margaritaville Resort Casino Bossier City Margaritaville Resort Casino Bossier City
Bossier City, Louisiana
"Lonewolf Entertainment and Photo Booth"
First time to Margaritaville, I do like what they have done to the area and river bank. When we walked in the casino we were directed to get a players card. The process was very fast and easy. We were then directed to the other in to see if we had won or what drawings we would be entered into. I would suggest gamble first then do lt later. The place is beautiful, i like how this casino is laid out and you can walk around the outside of the gaming area. The Buffett Location. Steak House and Shopping Place and Snack Bar go around the outer perimeter. Then you just walk to security check and your back in. Looked to be a lot more guest here, than the past 3 casinos we were at earlier. We did hear more people winning here also. The waitress was very friendly, we did wait about 10 minutes each time. But she did return with a smile each time. Center Bar Area was a different experience. The two Gentleman Bartenders seemed to stay more at one end of the bar, we waited then had to move almost to the end till we were noticed. The outside river Boardwalk area is beautiful and I would suggest visit the area before 9pm, shops close up around that time. We did not stay at the hotel but we will next time.